Treat obesity in the best way using Phentermine

Treat obesity in the best way using Phentermine

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Phentermine is the generic name given to the drug that helps in managing obesity. Some of the popular drugs are – lonamin, Obephen, Phentercot, Pro-Fast etc. Phentermine is used for short term and long term benefits in terms of treating obesity. It will suppress the appetite by affecting the neurotransmitters and changing the levels of serotonin in brain. The brain receives message by stimulating a group of neurotransmitters that include dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine.  It is chemically close in structure to amphetamines, as a result of which users become addicted to it.

The FDA would recommend its use for a period of 12 weeks, when combined with a healthy diet. After 12 weeks, phentermine would lose its appetite suppressing effects as the body gets adjusted to it.Image result for Treat obesity in the best way using Phentermine

History of phentermine

Phentermine is a weight loss drug approved by FDA as an appetite suppressant. It is more about generic formulations and no medical studies have been performed on this drug. In was sold by King Pharmaceuticals in 70s, but it was taken out in the market in 1998. It is also being sold by Medeva Pharmaceuticals with the name Lonamin, while other manufacturers sold it as Adipex-P. Other brand names of phentermine are – Lonamin, Obermine, Duromine, Fastin etc. Besides this, several varieties of phentermine are available in lot of countries. However, it is possible that the user can develop an addiction of this drug. Hence, people are advised to take it in minimum dosage for short period.   

Side effects of phentermine

In a study, phentermine was used by a group of people for about 36 weeks. It was found that the drug worked well without losing the effects. It is recommended for use either before breakfast or 1-2 hours after breakfast. The long term usage of this supplement may lead to psychological addiction and include adverse effects such as – restlessness, blurred vision, dizziness, anxiety etc. Hence, when you are on this medication, avoid performing hazardous activities.

Some people make the mistake of crushing the tablet, rather than swallowing it. The person should stop taking phentermine if they begin experiencing any of the symptoms such as swelling of face, tongue, lips, sore throat etc. If there are instances of high blood pressure, make sure to contact your physician. People with history of heart disease, blood pressure, glaucoma, alcohol abuse etc must avoid taking phentermine.

The Phentermine works by stimulating the brain and releasing the amount of particular neurotransmitters that are responsible for appetite control. The body will think that it is no hungrier, as the brain never received hunger messages. The dosage is limited because of possible onset of the drug tolerance where the drug can lose its effects once the body gets adjusted to it. Patients who are allergic to certain ingredients, have high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc should avoid taking phentermine. There are some medications that interfere with phentermine and result in severe complications. So, it is advised to check with your doctor before taking it.   

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