Suffering from Anxiety Disorder? Take Expert Suggestion without Delay

Suffering from Anxiety Disorder? Take Expert Suggestion without Delay

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The whole objective of CBT, a globally acknowledged physiotherapy based management procedure is educating an individual suffers from anxiety, panic, phobia or fearful situations the various ways of behaving, thinking and reacting in course of anxiety attack. Whereas occasional anxiety or panic is a normal part of human life, there are millions of people who become anxious, uneasy or restless as soon they encounter a sort of problem at the time of working at office, during studies, before meeting an interview board, in the exam hall as well as in social gatherings. As diagnosed by top psychiatric consultants like Dr.Jonathan Lauter MD that normal anxiety and anxiety disorder are two different things.

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Typically anxiety disorder involve enhanced amount of fear, terror or panic, and one’s anxiety said to be a disorder if it doesn’t get away; rather become degenerate in due course of time. Thus, the feelings commonly hamper one’s daily activity life including studies, performance at work place or impact on family and social relationship. Anxiety disorder has been grouped into three different categories and these refer to GAD or generalized anxiety disorder, SAD or social anxiety and panic disorder.

If you are one of those residing in or around New York and in quest of a learned and well experienced psychiatric to have a consultancy about your loved one suffering from anxiety disorder, just make a call and take an appointment of Dr. Jonathan at Elmhurst Hospital for necessary consultancy and management. As of today, Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD is acknowledged as one of the most efficient and successful psychotherapists in the US. Supported by American Board Certification in Psychiatry and Neurology, the distinguished personality is at present positioned as Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry- (Psychiatry and Neurology) at Elmhurst Hospice. His specialization areas include  

  • ADD or ADHD and Hyperactive disorders in kids and adolescents
  • Bipolar disorder/ Mania or Manic
    Depression/ acute depression disorder
  • Anxiety/ Phobia
  • Insomnia/ Sleep Disorder and Sleep Apnea  
    Schizophrenia/ Autism  

The specialist in Psychiatry is backed by him medical degree, earned from Albert Einstein College of Medicine under Yeshiva University. Other than Elmhurst hospital, he can be found at his own mental healthcare clinic situated in Manhattan. With a view to offer more specialized services to enhanced number of patients suffer from varieties of mental disorders that literally make heavy toll on their academic, professional and family life, he has outfitted his clinic at Manhattan in all terms. He earned his Fellowship in the area of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from the famous University of California.  

As per version of the New York based physician that typically they employ two newest therapy sessions of CBT to treat patients with social anxiety disorder, which is a widespread occurrence. These are Cognitive therapy that focuses on identifying, evaluating and then neutralizing the thoughts of beliefs underlying one’s anxiety disorders. It is, on the other hand exposure therapy considers dealing with the fears cause anxiety disorder. Both methods are great to help people get rid of their problems.

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