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Testosterone is a hormone found in most vertebrates including humans. It is a male hormone with enables the primary and secondary characteristics of man hood manifestations in humans. In the human body they are produced in small amounts approximately 7mg in 300-1000ml of blood by an average male, whereas women have one fifteenth of this produced in their bodies and as age advances the amount reduce to a deficiency which cause a number of problems in ageing males. Sometimes this deficiency can occur in male children due to some birth defects.

There are many natural products that contain testosterone; however, it is important to note that the hormone of testosterone released in the blood is biosynthesized and biodegraded. So only certain amount a reach their target. The steroid version changes this process a bit and allows most of the testosterone released to do its work and not allow it to be biodegraded before the completion of the task that they are ingested. A single value for judging the testosterone of a person is difficult as the levels rise and fall throughout the day. This makes it difficult when the person as peak and low levels as there is constant synthesis and breakdown of testosterone in the blood the whole day. The liver and kidneys are the main culprits of breaking down the testosterone in the body. It might have been observed that testosterone levels have been increased after an intense workout, studies have shown that both the kidney and liver where not able to breakdown the hormone during this period. The sustainability of the hormone is for a shorter period hence the normal cycle of synthesis and biodegradation continues, this is where the use of synthetic testosterone usage comes in wherein you want only peaks and not valleys in your levels of testosterone in your body.


Causes by abuse of testosterone

The good cholesterol levels get lowered by the overuse of testosterone; the enlargement of the prostrate, Reduction of the testicles, irregular menstrual cycle in females, growth of breast tissues in men and occurrence of acne. Many other side effects are found that are damaging to the vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. But this is all caused by the abuse and even sudden weaning of the steroid may cause dangerous effects, which are can be life threatening and withdrawal symptoms may be very hard to tolerate.

Testosterone therapy can lead to another side effect. Polycythemia. It is the increase in red blood cells. When too many red blood cells are present in the blood it causes the blood to thicken and then the risk of blood clots will be increased. This leads to further risk of strokes. Since testosterone is a normally occurring hormone, therapy can lead to hormonal imbalance. In males it leads to breast enlargement, acne, oily skin, skin irritations and changes in hair growth and pattern.  In females it can cause change in voice, development of facial hair and other such changes. It is very important to note that these hormones should not be consumed by children. They can cause drastic problems in growing children.

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