Helpful Tips On Giving Playful Exercises To Your Cat

Helpful Tips On Giving Playful Exercises To Your Cat

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You may find it amusing if your cat keeps sitting in interesting corners of your house, yawning, napping and becoming plump day by day. However, understand that you are playing with his health. An inactive and fat cat may fall prey to serious diseases like diabetes and arthritis. Therefore you should give prior importance to exercising your cat if you want him to be healthy always.

Dog parents have many options for exercising dogs. However, cat parents know that there are indeed very limited options to keep their cat properly active. Still, cats should get exercise because many health problems are associated with excessive weight in cats, just as they are in dogs. You can always check for a professional cat doctor in Sydney like Gordon Vet Hospital.

Exercising Your Cat

Experts suggest that you should engage your cat in some type of physical play for at least 10 to 15 minutes several times every day. Your cat’s age and temperament will decide how easy you will find this. Younger cats are more playful than older ones and some cats are just of a more playful nature than others.

Following are some tips that will help you giving some playful exercise to your cat.

1. Put Your Cat on a Hunt

Cats are basically predators. Hunting is their instinct. You can use the predatory instinct of your cat to engage him in playful fun. Some tempting targets that will evoke your cat to head to a hunting activity are:

Toy Mice: There are battery-run motorised mice as well as a string-tied simple plastic toy mice available to provide movements like real mice.

Feathered Toys: It’s well-known that cats are fond of stalking and catching birds. You can bring home feathered bird replicas and attach a string to them and move them to simulate wounded birds. It will be hard for your cat to resist the temptation to catch them.

Piece of String: A simple piece of string can be a great toy for your cat to play, jump, attack, stare, purr and do many other adorable gestures. Simultaneously your cat will get ample exercise.

Spot Light: Just like a string, a spot light will also work wonders as your cat will try to catch it. Use a small flashlight or a laser pointer to cast the spot or a dot of light. Only take care of not casting the light on your cat’s eyes.

2. Hiding and Climbing

Empty paper sacks and boxes will provide great fun for your cat’s playtime. Cats are inquisitive by nature and are always interested in investigating small and enclosed spaces. Lay out a few paper sacs or stack some empty boxes and your cat will get a good exercise while crawling around and through his “cat caves”. Remember avoiding plastic bags though as they pose a risk of suffocation.

3. Scratching

A scratching post provides dual advantage by firstly offering your cat a channel to fulfill his instinctual need of scratching and also provide exercise.

4. Why Not Use an Exercise Wheel?

You might have heard about an exercise wheel for hamsters; but you may not know that you can also get the same for your cat. The concept is the same but it’s designed particularly for cats.

However, some cats are especially inclined to use the exercise wheel more than others. It’s simple to identify if your cat will love an exercise wheel. If he plays with strings or chases spots of lights enthusiastically, he is probably a good candidate for the wheel.

For any health problem of your pet,look and consult for an animal friendly vet and you might as well want to visit Gordon Vet website at They can suggest you even more options for exercising your cat. So, give your cat ample exercise and make him fit for years to come.

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