Drinks used for centuries to treat patients for their medicinal value

Drinks used for centuries to treat patients for their medicinal value

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Certain drinks that we consume only for relaxation have medicinal value we are not aware of. Alcohol, for example, is used for treating several cases from tummy ache to snake bites. If you are pregnant, you should avoid drinking alcohol. If you do not wish to be pregnant, you can buy birth control online from home without having to go to a chemist shop.

Here is a list of ten drinks that are popular for their health advantages:

  1. Wine

Before the pioneer of Western medicine- Hippocrates was born, Greeks used to treat several ailments mixing medicinal herbs with some wine. It was quite popular in several parts of Europe in the Medieval Ages. The people of Greece have been making wine since the Neolithic Age. Hippocrates prescribed wine for treating fevers, for improving digestion and easing convalescence.

At present, red wine is drunk worldwide not only for its anti-aging properties but also because it slows down the growth of cancerous cells and reduces chances of heart disease.

  1. Chartreuse

In 1737, Chartreuse, another popular tonic, was prepared by Carthusian monks. It is commonly used by doctors in Denmark.

  1. Brandy

Instead of warming you on a cold night, brandy has several other uses. Since the ancient times, brandy has been curing plague, pneumonia and several other diseases. It is loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants. So, it increases immunity and also reduces inflammation.

  1. Absinthe

Dr. Pierre Orinaire used absinthe to cure various types of maladies like roundworms and headaches at the time of the French Revolution. It is used for treating kidney stones and epilepsy.

  1. Tonic & gin

In the 16th century, people drank gin to save themselves from the plague that shockingly tinned Western Europe’s population. British soldiers used it to calm themselves before going to the warfront. It also treats kidney stones, gout, stomach cramps etc.

  1. Amer Picon

Gaetan Picon, soldier and scholar, created Amer Picon in the year 1837 in France. This drink helped him recover from malaria. The drink became extremely popular in the 19th century.

  1. Hot Toddy

Hot toddies are used in cold countries for curing clods, making chilled cheeks glow and for getting good sleep. It also promotes mucus secretion and salivation.

  1. Coca-Cola

Coca cola, the most popular drink worldwide, was created in the year 1886. Since then, it has been curing several ailments such as headaches, liver and kidney diseases, exhaustion, dyspepsia, hysteria and even heart diseases.

  1. Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Dark ‘n’ Stormy is the national drink of Bermuda. This drink has a fascinating naval history. It effectively cured seasickness of naval soldiers. It also treats flu, digestive disorders, scurvy etc.

  1. Angostura/ Peychaud’s Bitters

Dr. Johann Siegert, a physician in Venezuela, invented Angostura in the 1820s. At that time it was known as ‘Dr. Siegert’s Aromatic Bitters’. The tonic effectively treated stomach ailments. In 1830, it was introduced in England. Peychaud’s Bitters was also created in the 1830s by Peychaud.

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