Don’t take depression lightly

Don’t take depression lightly

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If you feel, in whatever way or capacity, the signs are there – then please pick up the phone and seek the advice of a professional. Depression and related issues have claimed several lives over the years, some in the spotlight of fame and fortune and others not.

The recent passing of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington has brought the spotlight back to the subject again – rightly so. The depression treatment Gold Coast and other cities across the Australia have on offer need to be used. Use the next handful of steps to decide what is the best way to do this.

In person

Make an appointment for treatment – and go there and have it. Take someone in support. Don’t just rely on yourself to get through some admittedly hard times. Two heads really can be better than one and, in some cases, three works too.


Over the phone

Do this over the phone. Talk to someone, from a distance, with greater comfort and transparency, perhaps. Dial the numbers you have at hand – the numbers you know will offer a welcoming and understanding voice on the other end. A listening ear is important too, coupled with lips and a tongue willing to offer sound advice and encouragement in return.

Take it slowly

There is no rush, for the most part. Consider, carefully, how you are going to go about this. If you can’t take this calmly and with a reasonable amount of due consideration, then have someone step in for you. The person or people who walk this road with you are of the utmost importance. Trust will be key, collectively and individually.


Count the cost, and do it well. Beyond the budget, there is time and emotional expense. This is going to cost you all of those and more – but it will be worth it. Invest the time, invest the effort, invest in yourself. Get around and over this.

Be still

Try keep a cool, calm and collected frame of mind – one that is not overawed by elements beyond your control and other aspects that simply can’t be dealt with effectively there and then. Don’t dig too deep, find just the right amount of ground to plant your roots into. This will work, soon enough, and stand you in good stead when the time is right.

Surround yourself with loved ones

Hammering home the point here, but to reiterate, don’t do it alone – let your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, whoever you really trust well, in on your fight. They can do this with you. Iron sharpens iron – and when one blade might be dull the other is ready to go. This is the long and the short of it, with substantial discretion required throughout. There will come a happy ending one day – happy enough to keep you smiling on the inside and out. From there, there is ground to be made and a life to lead with great zest and other vitality. That’s the crack of the beat of the drum of life.

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