Designing The Perfect Nursery For Your Newborn

Designing The Perfect Nursery For Your Newborn

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The last few months of pregnancy can definitely begin to drag. You may feel like you’ve been waiting to meet your new baby for years now, and the aches and pains of carrying a big bump are starting to get to you. Fortunately, those nesting instincts will kick in and make designing yours dream nursery the ideal distraction from all of your third trimester woes.  Here are a few quick ideas for creating a bedroom for your baby that’s safe, stylish, and super-convenient.

  1. Seek out inspiration. If this is your first baby, you may not have a head full of ideas for how you want your nursery to look. You may not even know exactly what items you need to make the space convenient and appropriate for your newborn. That’s where shopping around, checking out Bubs Gallery for gorgeous design inspiration and furnishings, and looking at blogs online for other nursery designs can really come in handy. Save all of your favourite ideas and start keeping track of what you want to implement for your own baby’s room.
  2. Create the illusion of darkness. While some children may be afraid of the dark, it’s going to be essential when you want your newborn to finally give you a shot at some sleep. Invest in some window shades that are cute enough to fit in with the overall theme of your baby’s bedroom, while being heavy enough to really block out the light when it’s time to put baby to bed.
  3. Prioritise the changing table. Some parents-to-be imagine that when their baby arrives they can just throw a changing mat down on the floor or on the nearest surface and make it work. Think again. A changing table can be an amazing multi-functional piece of furniture that will save your sanity when you’re up late at night changing another nappy and wondering where on earth the wipes have gone. Take the time before your due date to organise nappies, wipes, clothing, bum creams, and any other changing time essentials in the drawers of your fabulous new changing table so you don’t have to stress about it once the baby arrives.
  4. Get a transportable cot. Having a big, sturdy cot in the baby’s nursery is great for night time and works wonderfully for the transition into a toddler bed as they grow, but during the newborn period you’ll definitely need a smaller, more mobile option so you can go about your busy day while the baby naps. You can find beautiful bassinets that are ideal for moving your sleeping newborn around the house with you – just make sure it has the right safety features like a new, newborn-safe mattress.
  5. Create a comfortable nursing station. If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby but don’t want to co-sleep, you’ll definitely need to set up a cosy nursing health corner in the baby’s room so you can breastfeed in peace through all hours of the night. A rocking chair with supportive but soft cushions is a must-have, as well as a nursing pillow that allows you to support your baby without burning out your muscles in the process. You may want to include a small lamp nearby so you have enough light to stay awake while you nurse.


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