Anavar Supplements a Convenient Way to Use

Anavar Supplements a Convenient Way to Use

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Anavar is a synthetic derive drug which is also known as Oxandrolone. It is one of the popular and predominant used anabolic steroids by people of the sporting fraternity like athletes and bodybuilders that tend to increase their lean muscle mass in the body. Anavar is the derivative of Dihydrotestosterone hormone in the body which has been modified to increase the affectivity of the drug.


Anavar is modified form of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone where a 2-carbon of the parent chain A-ring is modified to oxygen which makes it more potent.  Anavar is a testosterone derivative that makes it more prone to the increase in muscle growth and the level of fitness as required for pro-bodybuilders.  It is a drug that can be safely used for male as well as female effectively. Anavar is a mild drug that needs to be used in men at larger doses to get the desired effect.  Anavar needs to be supplemented with other supplements that in combination would be more potent. Some of the Anavar supplements are more commonly used than the other without any disadvantages. More about Anavar supplements can be found in many online forums and sites that discuss in details the pros and cons on the subject like

Use Anavar with care

Anavar is an anabolic drug which due to modification is more resistant to metabolic degradation hence increases the bioavailability of the drug in the body. Medically Anavar has been used to increase muscle mass to prevent infection or muscle wastage. It is used for treating osteoporosis as it leads to gain in the bone content of the body and also to treat children having a deficiency in growth and development.

In bodybuilders, Anavar has been used for the getting the bulk in the body in the cutting cycle. It leads to loss of fat from the body and increase in the lean muscle mass that is more beneficial in the long run.  Anavar use is favored by females as they do not need to increase their muscles to that extent as males. Having low doses as 2.5mg is beneficial in females to get the desired effect. The low androgenic property of Anavar makes it popular among female users. In spite of all these favorable qualities, Anavar is quite toxic to the liver. It is commonly used for 2-4 week cycle followed by a small break that allows the body time to recover from the toxic effects of the Anavar.

Anavar Supplements in Stacks

To get an insight into the use of a combination of drug it is better to understand the effects. Anavar is favorable as a cutting drug but due to the synergistic activity makes it favorable to work in combination.

The Anavar and creatine stack is commonly used and has desirable effects even long after the use of steroids. Anavar use leads to ATP generation, so the combination of a non-steroidal counterpart helps in the bulking effect of muscles.  Information regarding other stacks of Anavar can be found on various forums and online sites like Care should be taken before combining different steroids so that it does not harm the body.

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